Veterans Day 2021

Continuing the Mission

“I feel fortunate because I recognize how my military career provided me with an understanding of how to harness talent and motivate entire teams to work toward not only completing the mission, but also doing so with the utmost integrity and transparency. Nothing demonstrates the value of real teamwork like serving in the military, and my business consulting company’s commitment to becoming genuine partners of our clients—not just their vendor—is a direct result of my service career. Of course, transitioning from the military to civilian life presents challenges for many service members, which is why I’ve used the success of my business consulting firm to start the Charlie-Mike Foundation, which connects veterans with local resources enabling them to create a personalized path for the successful transition out of the military and into their next career. “Charlie-Mike” is the military code phrase for “continue mission,” or pushing through adversity no matter the difficulties. CMF offers veterans access to trained career mentors, personal and family-oriented career plans driven by the veteran’s health, financial and individualized needs, as well as ongoing and long-term career support and resources.” 

Mike Del Prado, President and CEO, Executive Option, Las Vegas, NV

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